#1 RE: Arab Campaign powered by EMS on IES3.1 von I/JG7_Killerfliege 04.10.2016 00:33


Dear IES Pilots,

this Wednesday the Arab campaign begins. The scenario is post war Israel against Egypt which means that blue side operates Mig 17 fighters. We fly for the blue side (Egypt). It is a PvsP campaign running the IES 3.1 mod for Il2. This post might be a little bit spontaneous but I just signed in a few minutes ago myself.

Flying times are Wednesdays and Mondays as far as I figured out from 2100 GMT +1 till 2330 GMT+1. According to my knowledge this campaign is dogfight based and offers the opportunity of a Rearm-Repair-Refuel system which explains the mission length. Further information can be obtained from EMS website (just google EMS IL2) where there is an option to contact EMS command EMS_Boba via direct pm without being registered. I will upload the briefing scripts here. Don't wonder about the language because they are French. Anyway, I think this is a great opportunity to enjoy the good old 1946 on a larger scale.

If you already smell blood now, just contact me and we'll get you inside the cockpit of one of those Migs.



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