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[align=left][align=left]It's an exception I used English --- it's much faster for me.
I saw a week ago an broadcast message on HL about recruitment to I/JG7. Mein name is Micheal, age of 23, I live in Breslau. It's over a year since I started virtual flying again, but I'm mostly practicing offline to became harder to be shot down. I have a little expierience and some literature on HDD.

Flugzeugnummer? Lowest possible, did LW pilots had that freedom to choose their FN?

Contact via (...)

Weekend just started, I'm tweaking my game and ready for trial flight.

viele Grussen

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[align=left][align=left]Hello Skyman,
i am very sorry, but the I/JG7 is only recruiting pilots from german speaking countries. (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz)
Thats because of moral reasons and communication problems. Our members only speak german. We wont use english in the TeamSpeak, because we are a German squad and try to act like one. Hope you can understand this. If you are still interested in a squadron, visit these guys: http://blakhart.jimdo.com/ They are from Poland an flying for the Luftwaffe, really good pilots!


Oberstleutnant Leo

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[align=left]You've written opposite statement in response to my private email --- yes, I did write my nationality.

Best wishes, Bye.

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