#1 RE: Welcome to the I./JG7 von I/JG7_Killerfliege 03.06.2012 22:49


To our Friends from II./JG77:

We really want to welcome you!! This section, the so called international forum, is meant as a platform to communicate with each other.
Furthermore, we are glad that we made friends with you and we are really looking forward to fly together with you in the future.

Our cooperation will hopefully become great success, which means that many coop-missions and flying sessions on different public servers can be realized in the coming future.
Professional gameplay in a large group is exactely what we want to achieve.
We are convinced that this cooperation is a very good way to get what we want to:
Fun and professionally flown dogfights in a large group consisting of many nice and well trained pilots.

Lets deepen our friendship with great determination in order to spend an aweful lot of funny hours in a community which is connected by one thing:
Fascination in WW II aviation.

Greetings from JG7


#2 RE: Welcome to the I./JG7 von I/JG7_Jack 06.06.2012 16:18


[align=left]Hello guys,its good to be here.I have a feeling that our two JGs will do pretty good.
Looking to get the ball rolling soon

#3 RE: Welcome to the I./JG7 von II/JG77_Drew 08.06.2012 19:06


[align=left]Thanks for letting us join hope to fly with u guys a lot form what ive seen u guys look great[/align]
[align=left] remind me not to be on the opposite team [/align]
[align=left] Drew[/align]

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