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Hier für jeden, für den es seit 4.10 eine Qual ist Torpedos abzuwerfen:


dort steht alles was man zu jedem Torpedotyp wissen muss um ihn erfolgreich abwerfen zu können.



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geile sache, endlich!

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Das hättet ihr auch ehr haben können

Kann man sich speichern geht etwas zügiger als ewig die Seite zusuchen

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Realistic Torpedoes
WWII aerial torpedoes were delicate equipment that needed be dropped with some
precautions. Each torpedo type had an optimum altitude and speed of drop that allowed it to
hit the water with a determined, optimum angle. If the angle was bigger, the torpedo tended
to sink. If it was smaller, it did not enter the water and skipped on the surface. Also, the
torpedo could not be dropped from too high altitude, because if it impacted the water too
hard, its internal mechanism could be damaged.
Each torpedo type in IL-2 has its optimum drop parameters, of course some error is allowed,
but not too much.
• LT F5W (Italian Whitehead)
100m, 300Km/h
• LT F5B
40m, 250Km/h
• Mk13, Mk13a
30m, 205 km/h
• Mk13 late
180m, 400 km/h
(this torpedo had a much wider range of drop than the early one)
• Type91
30m, 240 Km/h
• Type91 late
60m, 330 km/h
(this torpedo had a much wider range of drop than the early one)
• 45-17
30m, 205 km/h
Also torpedoes had to run for some time into the water to arm their warhead, so torpedoes
cannot be dropped too close to the ship (distance should be bigger tan 400-600 meters).
Torpedoes dropped on ground or directly on the ship (without hitting water) will not explode."[align=left][/align][align=left][/align]

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[align=left]Sry aber wie macht man einen Zeilenumbruch?
*geklärt: br

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