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Hi gents! We are trying to start up our online war again and wonder if you would like to participate.

FIBOW: Introduction
Do You want to push back the enemy and take his territory? Do You want to destroy his air bases, encampments and troops? To cut his provisions, to isolate and capture formations? To rescue downed friendly pilots? Then FIBOW is the place for you!In FIBOW, the territory is divided into sectors. Each sector is a square measuring 10Km on each side. These sectors are depicted by the existing map gridlines, and each sector belongs to one side or the other at any given moment. Whoever controls a sector controls everything within the sector: cities, airfields, and encampments. Each side advances by capturing these sectors.The objective of FIBOW is to “win” the map by conquering the most territory. Each map begins with either side controlling half of the map. Each side then tries to advance and capture enemy territory, seizing cities and airfields along the way, while defending against enemy attacks at the same time.To achieve victory on any given map, one side must either capture all the enemy’s towns and/or cities with supplies, or capture all the enemy’s airfields. If one side (red or blue) loses all their airfields, they are defeated because they can no longer provideany air support to their ground forces. If a side loses all their towns or cities, they are defeated because they can no longer supply their ground forces.In either case the map currently in play is finished, and the next planned map will load, unless that was the last map in the campaign. In that case, the campaign itself is over.Each city has a strategic value: its capacity to support friendly troops within nearby zones. Each city has a supply radius, depicted by a ring on the Front Map. All friendly sectors within this operational supply range will have strong encampments, making these “supplied” sectors well defended against attack.As you can tell, the sectors, cities and encampments are interrelated: controlling a sector with a city means that city belongs to your side. The supply radius of the city allows you to maintain well-armed encampments, offering stronger defenses for those sectors around the city.This interaction creates the possibility of "strategic attacks" within FIBOW. That is to say, attacks on cities to reduce their operational supply range will eventually weaken the surrounding sectors, making them much easier to capture. Each side can also resupply its cities, with the dual outcome of both increasing the city’s ability to defend against attacks as well as increasing its operational supply range, thus strengthening more adjacent sectors.The air bases (aerodromes) play a very important role. The greater the distance between your bases and the zone of conflict, the harder it is to provide aerial support. So, within FIBOW it’s possible to sustain attacks on an airbase to the point where it is totaly inoperative. Even then, if the base isn’t captured, it’s still possible to resupply it and return it to operational status, or to reduce the damage level when the base is anything less than 100% operational.This introduction should provide a sufficient understanding of the general operation of the Bellum system used to run FIBOW.


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Sounds very good to me

Im in favour for FIBOW

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I'm in.
What about the squadron registration, there is a field called "authorization code". What do i have to put in there? Btw pilot registration works perfectly.

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could you try again Leo, we think we fixed the problem

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I just tried and I am still asked for a code and CO name. What is that CO? Commanding officier?

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Will own skins actually be allowed?

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Yes, CO = commanding officer.
XO = executive officer.
I will register I/JG7 as soon as it is possible again.

//Edit: It worked fine now, sqaud is registered.

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I just registered a fake sq

Authorization Code - I just put in my password again

CO name - Put in your HL name,

I will be online today if you are still having problems

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Ok copy. Wasp and me are registered and have already applied for I/JG7. Awaiting take over.

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Yes they should but I think it will depend on the host

Zitat von I/JG7_Killerfliege
Will own skins actually be allowed?

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Btw: We don't need any mod, Do we?t

#12 RE: FIBOW von =FI=Rambo 17.07.2014 19:21

no extra mods are needed

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